We work with businesses of all sizes to help them understand their customers, and align branding and all components to their needs & expectations.

User Experience Design

Just about everything that our companies produce is for humans to use, enjoy, interact with or benefit from in some way. How can we be sure that our offerings are positively impacting our users in a meaningful way?Having the user at the center of research, design, development, deployment and beyond is the most promising measure a company, group or individual can take to have the best shot of success.

When done well, User Experience puts the users at the center of development—Their needs, desires and emotions—to drive evaluation along every step of the process. With honesty, open-minds and unbiased research, the user's pain-points can be significantly reduced or even eliminated, setting offerings up for successes like brand loyalty, meaningful products or services, longevity, and the feeling of care.

User Experience Stages

User Personas

A brand's target market often includes several types of people. Once we understand the segments of the targeted demographic, we create profiles representing the averages of them.

We then map out contexts, scenarios and journeys that might be taken by these information-driven personalities and collections of behaviors.

With these Personas clearly defined, we can predict pain-points, glean more insight to usages, and use their defined interactions to evaluate the quality of the solutions for the targeted user's behaviors along the way.

UX Focuses

User Research

Hand-sketched or quickly drafted  with software to work through layout and assets needed.

Experience Strategy

Logic maps of application or website navigation and cause-n-effect actions.

User Journeys & Profiles

Employment of various technologies to make websites come to life for deployment.

UX in Digital Product Usage Flow Maps

For web, mobile and desktop applications, prototypes give developers direction and save time with iterations.

User Interaction Design

Deployment-ready asset creation including images, animations, video and copy.

Research Finding & Strategy Documentation

Planning and road-mapping emotional & logical flow and experience  to ensure most enjoyable experience for the user.

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