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Branding & Identity Systems

From the logos, layouts and colors to the writing style, photography, and website, every single element of your offering that a customer comes into contact with is part of your brand. It is the personality, heart and soul of a company. What you say and what you do are who you are. When the messaging is inconsistent, or doesn't align with product or service offerings, chaos and confusion are near. Users don't like that.

We help companies tell their story through consistent branding by creating brand strategies, and identity systems and usage guidelines to keep all the elements consistent and coherent. All of these systems are developed with our clients to encapsulate the essence of their goals, and nuances of their personality. When the brand is mature, uniform and unique, users have a reason to be loyal and even delighted.


Logos. We all know what they are for, and how they work. But developing one that embodies a company brand & personality is not as easy as the results would suggest. When a logo is done well, looks are deceiving. We develop and design logomarks with out clients to help get the narrative off to the right start.


Every piece of print, digital or physical product looks like it came from somewhere. When the branding—look & feel, layouts, colors, tone, characteristics, styles, standards— are established and consistent, users are confident with the choice of one product over another. There is a security in professionalism conveyed through a uniform brand. Confidence is key. Uniformity is confidence.

Usage & Examples

To see the brand in real scenarios is the best way to visualize the impacts of design decisions. Any object is fair-game when it comes to usage examples. We can create mock-ups of generic, or custom-made applications to help our clients understand what branding will look way before production.

Branding Deliverables

Current Brand Analysis

Market sector, product category and competitor analysis as well as current and past brand standing and sector alignment.

Brand Concept Development

From uncovering and defining the big idea to iterations of identity elements through final delivery, we help brands come to life.


Primary and secondary logos made from scratch. Development and design always done step-by-step with clients.


Business cards, letterheads, envelopes, email signatures, and much more to support the brand from all sides and at every step.

Imagery Style Direction

Photographic, Illustration, and Imagery styles defined for use in advertisements, social media and other digital & print mediums.

Branding Guidelines Document

Documentation to guide creation of assets with consistency and conformity in mind. Rules, layouts, tone, color and styles outlined.

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